zaterdag 1 augustus 2015

Classic Lego Build: 4733 Harry Potter The Dueling Club

Well, up until a few weeks ago, I had the luxury of the GF buying Harry Potter sets in a `used complete` state for the Smurf, and I had the `job` of checking them out before she gave it to him to prevent drama`s.

Now, she buys them for herself and builds it herself lol.  Which in a way is even better...

This was one of the sets we picked up at Brick Mania Wetteren last Easter, and is from the older series.  So I have in front of me a pile of classic bricks to make a check build.

The set comes with 4 minifigures, being Draco, Harry, that fancy prancing professor who`s name I can`t remember right now and a Snape.

The Dueling club platform is pretty cool, and starts on an 6x8 plate.

In this, a mechanism is build to flip open the top of the platform, for when the duelist is disarmed by his opponent and thrown backwards.

We mirror the build (bar the pins, whom now are technic bricks with a hole in) and these connect ot each other.

The second part of the build is the seating area for the instructors.

Including a darn cool printed tile

In the middle of this area is a rotating chair, and we lay down the axis for the chair.

The chair itself is befitting enough even for royalty to be placed upon.

We then raise the pilars to get more height into the build

Including some of the awesome lion head elements, whom have returned with the Chima range recently if I remember correctly.

Pillars are added to the front and crossbeams connect them to the back of the build.

Finally, we hang the banners of the different factions at the front.

And then this classic Harry Potter set stands completed.

It was a fun build with some intresting techniques for the duelling platform, but as with so many, these early sets don`t compare to some of the gems the later series chunked out 10 years further down the line.

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