maandag 31 augustus 2015

Inspirational Lego 33

The final day before the hectics start again of trying to get the Smurf back in motion and ready for school, the start of a new soccer season for the kid, and after the initial dust settles the return to routine for the coming 10 months... yep, school holiday is on it`s final day.

Okay, which will start for me tomorrow with yet another trip to the hospital, but chin up, and let`s look at some great builds I came along over the internet.

The first is this very impressive, totally modular spaceship.  Like the traditional Lego Space sets, this vessel `splits up` in various other, smaller auxilliary vessels.

The Monkey King is a great looking sculpture that was featured this year at Brickworld, it`s pose is just gorgeous.

Another great, and cuddly, sculpture is this brown teddy bear.  Though is stepping on a Lego brick is any indication, I would refrain from actually falling asleep on it...

This huge Frozen castle is full of gorgeous little details, and I really adore the look of those white pinetrees.  How Friends and regular Lego figures get mixed in harmony.

This bee and flower is elegant in it`s design, feeling like the `green animals` Creator set in it`s looks.

This mythological temple feels like it stepped right out the mytholgy world of Minifigures Online!

This Ant-Man `sketch` is the latest in a series by the builder, who tends to make those of most superhero figures, and is another piece of art.

Char`s famous `Red Comet` gundam, an awesome piece of building!  I really drooled over it.

The Lone Ranger might not have been the best box office scoring movie in history, but it dit give us some very nice Lego sets with great elements.  This indian camp has a fantastic Native American look, and is very elegant in it`s design.

The final build for this week is the Exodus of Moses, a biblical inspired build in which Moses let the slaves to freedom by splitting the sea, only to have it come down crashing on the Egyptian pursuers.

And that`s it for this week again, hop by next monday again for more great finds from the internet!

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