woensdag 19 augustus 2015

The Haul Today - 18th of August

Some nice goodies arrived today, nothing big an spectacular, but useful none the less.

And the first one wasn`t Lego, but will be used for Lego...

I found a bargain of 25 of these `dice boxes` for less then 10 euro last week.  This is all for a specific reason, which I`ll be showing later on in a future post.

The second parcel was a Kickstarter reward for the Bricks in Motion bluray project, namely a special FX part set by BrickForge, as well as the minifig sporting the logo of the `brickumentary`.

Finally, in the EMTE shop this afternoon, I picked up these two new magazines.  One has a Chima Polar Bear for my Mitgardian army, the other, well, I just adore the Friends subtheme of Elves and the little beastie was to good to pass up on.

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