dinsdag 4 augustus 2015

Earth 2

This is one of the television series I enjoyed back in my youth days, hailing from 1994 but the effects still are `okay` to current day standards.

Cancelled after a single season as it wasn`t `boom and bang` enough for the network so the writers where fired, there has been a trailer of what season 2 would be and the common census is that we might be glad this didn`t get made.

The series is a sort of a classic, as it is the very first series to star a female commander with Devon Adair, months before the Voyager launched on her famous journey.

It handles about a group of colonists that try to find a new Earth to start over, in order that a condition that effects and kills the children can be cured.  This sickness comes from a lack of fresh air, but the government is opposed to the project and tries to sabotage the mission even before it takes of decently. 

Upon arrival of the scouting vessel, an accident causes it to crash to the planet`s surface, and the advance party is required to survive of the planet while travelling to an area called New Pacifica, where the rendez-vous with the sleeper ship is planned.

On the way, they encounter a variety of aliens, some holding the secret to the past of the planet... and to Earth.

In a way, just as with Firefly and Terra Nova, it is a pity it only lasted a single season.  There was still a lot of untapped potential, and for that time, it risked tackling some serious topics like the colonial era on Earth and it`s slavery or even what sort of punishment would be moraly adequate or humane when they (temporarily) abandon one of their own for experimenting with a child`s blood to understand more of the planet.

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  1. I remember that show. I also remember Space Above and Beyond which I think was from around the same time.