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Building the Cantina

In today`s build, I`m doing the Star Wars set 75052 - Moss Eisley Cantina, the set I bought for the 4th of May action to score me the Yuralen polybag, and put together past May during the Eurovision songfestival.

Now, I`m not really `into` Star Wars as a Lego theme, as I have been, and always will be, more of a Star Trek fan (see what I did there?) but since that license is with the wrong company...

But sometimes, a cool set does come out or something just looks fine, and then I`m happily buying the said sets, for example the recent Final Duel set is on my to get list for sure, as I still have those Kickstarter light up lightsabres just for that here as well.

Two instruction booklets, 5 bags of parts, a sticker sheet and a dewback are the things you`ll be finding when you open the box.

The first thing we are going to build is Luke`s hovercar, and as such the first minifig we get is Luke Skywalker... oddly enough with a lightsaber which he didn`t use yet at that time in the movies, as he learned how to use is aboard the Milennium Falcon shortly after they left the Cantina fleeing the Hutt`s.

The speeder is based on a grey 4x6 plate.

On this, we start by making a central bar to which the bodywork will be build up on.

With dark oranges and sandy coloured oranges, the speeder has nice selection of colours, whom will definitly will come in handy afterwards when the set is parted out again.

It`s quite a long machine as we reinforce the central part of the vehicle.

The seating places with the navigational computer are tackled next.

Flexitubes!  These make up a cool way to represent the bended airgrilles of the vehicle.

On the bottom, we are adding some transparant round plates to place it on the floor and represent the slight hovering of the speeder.

Decals are added to show the engine parts, while the windshield and side engines are added.

The next part we are adding to the speeder is the engine on the back of the vehicle, which can be taken off to reveal a hidden storage compartment.

And we have one completed landspeeder at the ready to skim across the deserts of Tattooine.

Moving on, we now are going to start working on several elements of the cantina building itself.  This is a pretty cool building, with a lot of play features as you will see while we advance through the build.

The central part of the back wall is the first thing we are putting together, as a lot of the action from the movie takes places in this particular part of the setting.

This actually divides the wall section in the various compartments where `the scum of the galaxy` make their dealing and wheeling.

The side walls are then added with the necessary hinges to allow the set to `fold up` afterwards.

Arches are added to add more atmosphere to the sections.

And so we have the `mainstay` of the building ready.

The next minifigures we come across in this build are the band members, ready to play the very memorable theme in your builds now.

As well as the two lead players in the age old question `who shot first`... the Greedo minifig is really great, the head sculpt is top notch and detailed, and he has very nice bodypart printings.

But first, we are putting together the small water collector for the outside of the bar.  Build up around a technic axle and round bricks, this will be placed at the outside when everything is finished.

Moving on, we are going to be creating the seating areas of the bar.  The large technic beams you see are to have the areas actually moving back and forward in the building.

We place it inside one of the niches we build earlier, and we can start recreating the question posed above ;-)

The sliding `handle` is then created next, being a sort of a bone display table, and placed on the back of the wall.  If you move this towards the wall, the seatings will come out from the niches and to the forefront.

On the other side of the seating area, we build a similar sort of setting, but this time it`s the podium to place the band on.

This is also connected to the `mover` at the back.

And then, we start the big beastie: the Dewback.  This large monster is one of the attractions for this set, as you get a dinosaur sized mount which can prove very nice in moc builds.

Accompanying him are the Sand Trooper, which is a detailed Storm Trooper variant even sporting sandmarks on his uniform, and `Old Ben`.

The harness to go onto the beast is the next part of the build.  This holds the troopers rifle, and we give him a lance as well to carry while mounted on the back of the big beast.

Next up is the bar section itself, using curved bricks to make her outline.

This is attached to the hinge where the band is playing and then `flopped` outwards.

Another length of tube is added to represent the railing, while all sorts of concotions are placed on the racks.

It`s secured in place at the top of the build, and we are almost there now, one more section to go.

And that is the entrance hall, which is added to the other side of the building near Han and Greedo.

It comes with seating for the wary traveller, and a door that will be able to slide open.

This doorframe is added to another hinge on the entrance hall.

As the arch is placed on top of it, we can see the enclosure in which it will be moving.

It also comes with a roof dome, which can be opened.

But first, we are intalling the heavy reinforced door into the frame.

Adding the dome to the building, we are all done and the Cantina is finished

In closed mode:

In opened mode:

And of course, we have a lot of additional pieces again for future use :-)

As I said, I`m not a true SW fan per se (sure, I enjoy the movies) which means that I probably have already bought more sets from Friends (for the colours) then from Star Wars in a matter of speaking, but this is a very nice one.  It has a sweet display value, and a great part source including a big beastie for, like me, use afterwards.

Join back next week, when I`ll be indeed tackling a set from the Friends spin-off range Elves ;-)

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