zaterdag 29 augustus 2015

Lego Haul Vincent

I recently tried to help a friend of mine selling off his old Lego sets, and while I managed to shift some sets for him (and buy a couple for myself), he had still a heap of his `first wave` left over in the end.

So I made him a fair offer, including amongst others the Lio Prime limited edition Transformer from the TFSS subscription, and took over the remaining collection.

It includes mostly Space and Castle sets, and now I`m in the process of building and checking all of them to complete the sets as per the instructions.  I`ll be trading around some of them afterwards for other sets I still want (Harry Potter, the old Vikings series, etc), especially the Space sets as that is less `my taste`.

But needless to say, this is quite a haul for bricks, though the idea of `making room by exchanging my other toys` failed a bit on this, Lio was a 10 by 10 cardboard box, this is... somewhat larger...

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