zondag 30 augustus 2015

Arrow season 1

In a few weeks, the fourth season of this series is upon us, featuring even Constantine amongst the supporting cast.

Well, I just finally managed to finish the first season...

The first of the DC based series to come to the CW channel (back then still called CTV), this is featuring Green Arrow, who even though a member of the Justice League was before this series a bit like Iron Man was for Marvel before the succes of his first movie: a B-list character.

And no, I`m not going into the whole Hawkeye / Green Arrow debate, I just like a decent superhero movie or show, no matter from which publishing house they hail.

The series itself is really a sort of set up and origin story for the character, as we learn how Oliver Queen returns home after having been missing at sea for 5 years.  It turns out he was on a chinese island, where he learned to survive and transformed from a playboy millionaire son into a fighter for justice, but one not afraid to kill.

Slowly, he starts amassing the core of his team around him, for this season this is Dingle, his bodyguard / partner, and Felicia, his computer expert / operations manager.  On the line across, John Barrowman (Captain Jack) is just fantastic as the villain Malcolm Merlin, even though his motivations, while extreme, are understandable if you ask me.  He is not out for power or wealth (he has that) but for revenge on the population of a city that let his wife die on the street.

The Arrow discovers a plot behind a list his father gave him before dying, and a project called The Undertaking that also involves his mother.  Together with his team and the help of detective Lance, he tries to stop this... and fails as the cliffhanger shows.

Not a bad show, bit slow in build up compared to that other DC show that spinned off from it, The Flash, but it isn`t to shabby at all.

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