zaterdag 29 augustus 2015

Andromeda`s Gates: The Ice Sparrow

My entry for category B of the Unseen Menace event in Andromeda`s Gates, the set up was to build a vessel that could hold at least 5 figures.

Now, I`ve come to terms with myself that my modest building skills aren`t suited for the Gates game, I`m more experienced in building a tree or a sloped roof, then an engine of a lasercannon, but that doesn`t stop me from the occassional build still in this.

Combined with the facts I spend the last weeks nearly finishing my displays for the end of the year shows, and still in need of sorting a lot of material and cleaning out my `workspace` from all the other hobbies I once had, this means I`m frankly not building at the moment for the game.

*** Start Log ***

Augustali 10th, AD 3815

Thesseus B. Von Geekington reporting

The Pale Lady: System checks everyone, how is this going?

Thesseus: navigation is green m`lady

LV-426: All scanners set within acceptable operational parameters

Grumpy: Ops hmmpf  

Prof Sai-Saichi: Ditrilium mixing chamber ready

The Pale Lady: Fnatastic work people.  I`m going to send a message to the powers that be that The Ice Sparrow is ready to join the fleet.  We might only be a lightly armed high speed transport shuttle, but we will be selling our icy blood dearly!

Ice Sparrow, DeMas!      

*** End Log ***

The vessel is inspired on the `Sentai` style of faintly animal looking machines, common in most of those series though in this case it hasn`t been build on a specific series.

The wing `flaps` where build using stacked plates to give the impression of moveability, like a regular plane flap, for atmospheric use.

The roof of the main body is detachable to show the stations inside the vessel.

As is the pilot canopy

It was a fun thing to build, but I really had the nagging in the back of my mind that this just wasn`t `my comfortzone` for trying to build and develop something around.  I saw and learned some valuable things so far in this story, but for now, I got one build still ready (The Machine Buffalo), which I`m holding back for when it`s going to be a `battle` on a contested planet, as that better serves the story for the build itself.

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