woensdag 19 augustus 2015


Produced as a sort of space bound equivalent of their previous series, Thundercats, SilverHawks was a 65 episode long series running around 1986.

Coming like it`s predecessor with a pretty awesome theme song (Tallyhooooooooo!), it also shared a lot of voice actors, so if you, like me, tend to mix and match series you come along a lot of familiar voices.

The story details a group of humans who are equipped with hawklike armour and wings, in order to be able to fight crime in the Limbo universe, under control of MonStar.

On the other hand, like MASK, there was a lesson at the end of each episode, as the Kidd was quizzed about a fact in space.  Perhaps the fan favorite character (except the leader) must have been the guitar playing pilot of their (very cool looking) spaceship, Bluegrass. 

Later on, several new characters where introduced to the show as more Hawks where needed to serve plot devices, and of course this also helped in the promotion of more and newer toys, which was after all the goal of these saturday morning cartoons...

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