zondag 2 augustus 2015

Changes to Minifigures Online

It`s about a month now since the Lego MMO game changed from a free to play to a buy to play gamemodel as the `beta` was ended and changed to official release.

This brought along a lot of changes in the weeks it was down during june, and though I haven`t been playing exactly as much as I`d liked to have (yeah yeah, silly Facebook game based on the Pawn Stars show from History channel is currently occupying my zombie hours), there are some nice changes.

First of all, the biggest change is perhaps that the `bricks` system is gone and not replaced by something else.

But bar that, the achievements remained the same, even though a lot of new minifigures from older series have been implemented, which can drop if you complete The Lost Creations, something I really should start throwing myself into.  Apparently, even after level 35 it is said Mr Gold parts can drop.

The other changes are mostly of a graphic nature.  The maps and mini maps have received an overhaul, and some small changes have been done to the levels and storylines.

A great new feature now though is that the game comes with voice-overs and small cutscene animations.

It doesn`t give a big benefit anymore if you`re a subscriber, and all those that where have automatically received the game without needing to purchase it, but the second bonus chest is gone now.  Instead, every level and minidungeon now have the newer series (like 13) included in the possible parts for a figure that drops.

This also means that the exchange 3 parts for a random one has been eliminated, and changed by a system where you get 250 stars for every 3 parts you turn in now, handy as all the max level skills for the figures are opened now as well to max them out further.

All in all, the game now looks a little bit `slicker` without having changed a big deal.

Now if I can just get myself some free time again and chuck down some more achievements and complete some of the few figures I still need...

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