donderdag 6 augustus 2015

Building a Spitting Dinosaur

At last, the first build report of my Jurassic World sets, this particular one obtained back wth the May 4th action, so yeah, I still have a lot of typing and building to do :-)

Totally coincidental that this post is howing up the week I finally got to see the movie (really, I have a calendar hanging with which one I`ll be doing, filled in all the way to half december at the moment), it`s safe to say this is perhaps the `furthest off` set from the film.

You see, we all know how cool a Diphlosaurus is with it`s rattling colar and his poison spitting, remember unfortunate Dennis Nedry from the original movie, but in this movie ha just plays a very short cameo... as a hologram to boot.

But the set, 75916, does have it`s charms, and the beast is the only one on the `new` dinosaurs Lego released from this movie instead of a repainted mold (Indominus technically didn`t count as a dino).  It also features a great jeep, which if you change the blue and white out for the original colours will give you the classic Jurassic Park vehicle!

The set comes with two different minifigures: a generic Vet model and Gray (you know the little kid we all hoped would be eaten but knew it wouldn`t happen).  I especially like the printing on the Park employee`s trousers and chest.

And of course our little spitter, whom just looks awesome in details for printing on the colar.

The set aslo has two small boxes that will be used as storage in the jeep, with tools and food.

The first thing we are going to be build is one of the gyroballs from the ride in the Park.  And if you play the game on PS or XBox, the handiest to control vehicle there for the racing minigames.

The build itself is pretty well designed, and has new elements in the large half bubbles that are definitly going to show up in MOCs all over the internet in the future.

The cool playfeature of the completed ball is that it actually rolls and tumbles, and keeps straightening the minifigure in a correct position.  The downside is that this is a rolling ball, and a pain to keep it still and stable on your shelf!

We then start working on the jeep itself, by placing 2x12 plate on a 4x4 plate.

A second plate is added and then connected on the underside with all kinds of different plates to make the base of the jeep.

The front and back bumper connectors are then added.

Around this, we start building up the chasis and the wheel holders.

We start layering up the bodywork including some neat bumper stickers.  Bit pity it`s decals and not prints, but heck, the logo remains an eye-catcher.

A moving part is introduced in the back of the car to allow some flick action.

Decalled bricks are then added to the sides of the jeep.

The construction of the rollbar is commenced, and this is at first layed down backwards while making them.

The front of the car is then steadily filled up as well, and the hubcaps are added, making the outline of the car visible now.

Seems some of the residents didn`t take well to the new colourscheme.

The headlights and hubcab are then added to the car.

The winch is then assembled and added to the jeep.  You know, in case you drive of a slope in pouring rain for example...

We move back to the underside and add the bars for holding the wheels.

While the front window is placed on the front of the car, we continue the construction of the rollcage.

Once all the bars are in place here, this is `folded over` to complete the jeep`s roofing.

Adding some decals and some flick missiles, and we have one completed jeep to roam the parc and check on the `assets`.

Of course, there was a small selection of spare parts present.

And the set stands completed.

With an iconic vehicle (albeit recoloured), a great minifig with the vet, and a darn pretty dinosaur, this is definitly a very strong set, even for the Jurassic World series not being on the low pricing end.  If you just want to pick up a single set from the range, take this!

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