donderdag 6 augustus 2015

I need more bricks!

For once, not my words, but the Smurf`s.

I don`t know what has gotten into him all of a sudden, but with his autism syndrome he is usually afraid of failing, and as such tends to build only things `by the book`.

Until I got back from Leuven today for yet another round of medical investigations.

He has flown into his bricks, and started building some MOC`s of his own.  In that lovely hotch potch all colours available style typical for kids, which is in a way refreshing.  You can see imagination drip off from the builds of young ones compared to the striving for realism we adults try to emulate.

1. The Dudley House

His first build was this house to represent the Dudley`s from Harry Potter, including his own made versions of the family and a barred door to represent Harry`s barred window.

2. Double Decker Couch

He had recently received the couch set from The Lego Movie, and now went on to build his own version, bigger and more badass then the set version.

3. Chessboard

Inspired by the Lego Ideas book, he went for a small chessboard and playing pieces.  I kinda like how he did some of them like the horses tbh.

Way to go kiddo, keep it up!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. En nee, ik heb niks ingefluisterd, hij is er helemaal zelf mee afgekomen ;-)

  2. Excellent. As someone who started on Lego in 1967 this, to me, is how it should be!