donderdag 20 augustus 2015

Lego Build: 41074 Azari and the Magical Bakery

I admit, I admit, I`m totally wild of these Elves sets, the fantasy based spin off from Friends.

Not only are the sets great to look at, they also come with a LOT of handy elements for moc`cing afterwards, the entire theme being literally stacked full of transparent pieces and purple elements.

The first of the sets from this range I`ve build is the bakery set, a medium range box, going in the under 50s range.

The set comes with a couple polybags, a sticker sheet, instruction booklet and some baseplates.  Always nice to have extra plates, where was the time every Lego set came on one :-)

The first minifigure we come across is Azari, accompanied by her too cute Fox pet companion.  She also holds a printed tile that features the Elves range map, in which they are looking to find the elemental keys.

The first build we have on our hands is the small table and stools for outside the bakery, including cupcakes.

We start the building itself with the smaller baseplate.  On this, we are going to put down the outlines of the oven outside.

The larger plate is then connected to this and we get the full `ground area` the build will cover that way as we put down the `line` where the front wall will come.

The next thing we are putting together is the counter for inside the bakery.

These are then placed on the floorplate, and that is maybe the one critique I have for this set: there isn`t a lot going on on the inside.

Next up, we get Farran, the male Elf, wo we can exchange his hair with a cooking hat.

Construction starts on the build up of the exterior oven as it gets it`s first layer plated up.

A moving piece is then created that will house the magical element key of Fire, which is hidden inside the oven.

The `oven` itself is actually a stream of lava, running down rocks and under which Farran seems to bake his bread.

A slider is then constructed, which if you push it will have the key magically appear in the stream.

We continue raising the hill next to the bakery, which has a tree on it`s top... with the awesome purple leaves and diamonds are literally growing on trees there.

The `drawer` which contains the bread is the next play feature we are putting together.  This slides in and out of the side of the mountain.

With the oven now completed, we are moving on to the facade of the bakery. 

I really love these goldcoloured elements, they will definitly come in handy afterwards!

The door is inserted in an opening in the front wall next, as some pastries are cooling in the window.

These speckled transparents are also pretty useful parts!

The front wall is build up and a tree is appearing on it`s side.

Using curved pink elements, we get the points of the facade constructed.  This really makes the set look lively, and is one of the reasons I love the theme so much.

Some more details are added, including the printed elemental tile, another great piece.

And the bakery is all done.

The full set completed:

And the spare parts:

Like I said at the introduction, I love the theme.  This set has a particularly intresting heap of elements for a medieval fantasy builder, and some great new additions as well, definitly worth stocking up should they ever appear in the PAB (which can happen, as it ain`t a licensed range), especially the transparent dish pieces.

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