donderdag 20 augustus 2015

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The final movie from the franchise I saw so far, this one wasn`t bad.  The kid loves it probably because of the action, but heck, it has the Doctor in it so it can`t be shabbles anyways.

Set against a competition between the three schools of Wizardry (Hogwarts, Beauxbattons and Durmstrang), this movie is also remarkable in that we get a casualty and a return.

While attending the Quidditch World Cup, Harry and the Weasley`s are forced to flee when the Deatheaters attack the premises.  Returning to Hogwarts, they discover that for some mysterious reason, the Goblet of Fire who should have selected three candidates for the TriWizard event selects four instead, as Harry is added to the contest.

Supported by the new Dark Arts Teacher Mad Eye Moody, he manages to overcome most of the trials, but then right at the final trial he and Cedric, the Hogwarts champion from Hufflepuff, are teleported to a graveyard.

Here, Voldemort is reborn thanks to the blood drawn from Harry, and Cedric gets killed by the Dark Forces while Harry learns the identity of most of the Death Eaters, including Lucius Malfoy.  He barely escapes due to an intervention of his parent`s spirits, and back at school he uncovers that Mad Eye is an imposter, being the follower of Voldermort, Barti Crouch Jr (David Tennant!) who orchestrated it all to get Voldemort reborn.

It may take a while before I get to see part 5, as the smurf is now being `retrained` in going to bed early as the summer holidays are nearly over and he needs to be able to get out of bed again in two weeks, but so far, I haven`t thought of this as a waste of time.  Not my most epic movie series so far, but they are highly enjoyable nonetheless.

Dark times are ahead now for the wizard community as the dark lord has returned!

I didn`t think it too bad a movie, though I did manage to `decipher` the imposter arc pretty quickly though.  And it has given me a GREAT idea for a future Lego MOC: the flying chariot of the Beauxbattons, I really need to snatch up 7 of those Elves horses for that ;-)

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