maandag 17 augustus 2015

Transformers `generation 1` series

The third series I managed to complete today is what I call `Generation 1` of the Transformers.

This `saturday morning cartoon` after all is the one where the original toyline spawned from, those toys we all loved and wanted as a kid.

And looking at my buddy Vincent, not only as a kid...

The series, divided over 4 seasons (of HIGHLY irregular lengths, as `season` 4 was a full one episode) and including the awesome Transformers movie to shepherd us into a new era `off` Earth, is okay in drawing and animation quality.

Like all SMC`s, it recycled sequences, but the storyline for one was stronger then most of the other cartoons, as you didn`t have a `cause of the week` style storytelling, but it all had overarching stories.

From the arrival and re-awakening on Earth, to searching and finding a way back to Cybertron, to overcoming and the aftermath of Unicron`s arrival, this made, together with of course the fact that children love transforming robots, for me the reason of all the classic cartoons, this still is the strongest going franchise hailing from the 80s.

Though it all dwindled down in the early 90s, the Transformers did manage to survive and where once more the reason the toy / cartoon comic combo relaunched to almost a great height as in the golden years, but that is a story for a later post!

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