maandag 31 augustus 2015

Lego Classic Build: 4731 Harry Potter Dobby`s Release

This is it, the very first Harry Potter set I bought for myself!  

Sure, I`ve been showing off some classic builds with HP sets, but those where `used, complete` ones we bought for the Smurf, and had to be checked before giving it to him to avoid drama queen moments.

But with the my intrest in the series growing, this is one used, complete I bought for myself (the kid has the later version), and as I said earlier this week, the yellow figures have a certain attraction on me. 

A small set at 63 pieces, with 2 minifgures, this was released in 2002 making it one of the older sets around, and considering I found it under 10 euro makes it okay.  That`s another benefit of the older, `yellow` sets, they come a lot cheaper then the `flesh` ones (whom, I admit, usually look better).

The minifigures in this particular set are of course Dobby, that irritating house-elf we get to meet in the Chamber of Secrets for the first time, and his tyranical master, Lucius Malfoy.

The whole scene is build on a black 8x8 plate.

Compared to the more recent version, this one actually is more `play fun` being riddled with secret compartments.

Small books, on printed tiles, are hidden under a flip over bench seat, while a potion (another printed tile) hides in a compartment in the wall.

That compartment is accessible through a sliding away panel.

Next we go on building the walls of the vignette, by including windows in it.

Sand green and tans are present in all the older sets, making them rather stand out.

Flames are added as the small scene is completed.

All the hidden `treasures`:

And the full build completed:

I`m defintily keeping this set on display, even though I don`t have any plans to MOC around it, or build a display for it.  It`s the sentimental value, being, well you know, the first one I bought for myself :-)

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