woensdag 19 augustus 2015


Thundercats, Thundercats, THUNDERCATS HOOOOOOOOO!!!

Four years and 130 episodes.  That is how long one of the most popular and famous of saturday morning cartoons ran.

Today, I`m bombarding my blog with a heap of posts, as I`m working my way down to the television marathon I had the past weekend, and this was one of the cartoon series I finished (re)watching.  Now, as with all things after almost 30 years, the memories where often better then the actual thing, and the same goes for the ThunderCats.

At 130 episodes, it is safe to say they weren`t ALL that epic as they where imprinted on the memories of a 10 year old or so when it first aired.  In hindsight, I would say about 10 where epic, 20 where really good, 50 where good and 50 where `meh`... but the memories will forever keep this series in the really good to epic department.

Of course, there was the usual merchandise like a comic line, a pretty nofty toyline that still sells for a LOT of money these days, even in a used condition without accessories you`re talking between 5 to 10 euro for a figure, and the usual hotchpotch of other items.

It detailed the adventures of a catlike race of heroes from a planet called Third Earth, refugees from the planet Thundara.  Led by Lion-O, wielder of the Sword of Omens that contains the source of the ThunderCats power in the Eye of Thundara, they must see to overcome the attacks of the Mutants of Plun-Dar.  Those are led by the evil Mumm-Ra, and he wants the sword and it`s power to conquer the galaxy.

The series definitly had a very strong first season, and a perhaps just as strong third one.  The even numbers where in general weaker, and don`t remind me of the ThunderCubs episodes (even though that was part of season 3) arc.

But the series will perhaps be remembered the most of all the saturday morning cartoons by it`s truly epic, fantastic theme song... which I still have on my cell phone to this day!

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