maandag 17 augustus 2015

Star Fleet X Bomber

In a way, this series is a sort of best worlds.  On the one hand you have the typical japanese Super Sentai style, on the other hand the marionation style from the Gerry Anderson series like the Thunderbirds.

So in an effort to gain a foothold in the west, japanese television studio Go Nagai produced this 26 episode series back in 1981, and one of my `Club Dorothee` classics as this french program picked it up in the early 80s.  

But the english dubbed version, now available on DVD, also features Brian May on the soundtrack ;-)

It takes a lot of clues and plots from popular western sci-fi culture at that time, like lizard / robot like enemies invading, and a lone vessel standing between them and the subjugation of humanity.  The X Bomber is the newest vessel Earth had developped, and is piloted by a crew of young aces under the lead of Dr Benn and his mysterious stepdaughter, the alien born girl Lamia.

But the super sentai part comes in the Dai X.  These are three auxiliary vehicles attached to the X-Bomber, who combine in true sentai style to a gigantic, powerfull robot.

The story evolves in Lamia discovering more and more about herself, until it is revealed she is the being that will bring peace to the galaxy.

The series might look like a bit of `low budget`, but 30 years ago, this was way cooler then Thunderbirds due to the flashiness and all of the series.  Now, well, it`s enjoyable and if you can get your hands on it, it`s a nice trip down nostalgia lane :-)

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