woensdag 26 augustus 2015

Brickworld Chicago 2015 DVD

For a week now, people have been wondering what that movie was I am in the credits for.  I posted just this picture on Facebook, and some even went as far as thinking it was a porn movie, albiet tongue in cheeck.

Even though there is indeed one of those out there that has my name in the credits.  Something from when I was way younger (think VHS era), and I WASN`T on screen (I helped in the catering back when I was doing cooking school, it paid zilch and was a favor to the producer whom I knew from the clubbing life back then).

No, it was on the Bricks in Motion special DVD featuring coverage, exclusive interviews, behind the scenes and the featurette `World of Light` from the recent Brickworld Chicago show.

I didn`t attend it, but I was a Kickstarter backer for the project, resulting in that you get mentioned in the `Special Thanks` section of the end title sequence.

It`s a nifty little thing, a something else to watch then the regular YouTube casts or the pictures.  Especially intriguing is to see the World of Light in `action`.  In this, all the builders that have lights build in with their displays turn them on as the room is darkened, creating a real fantasy world.

If they continue to make such DVDs for shows over at Bricks in Motion, i`ll gladly keep backing the projects!

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