vrijdag 21 augustus 2015

Transformers Beast Machines

Moments before I`m off to the Mosel region in Germany, I`m putting these words down to virtual paper and am `on track` again with movies and series backlogging.  So it wasn`t only a series marathon last week, but also an opinion marathon hehe.

Beast Machines is the follow up to the succesful Beast Wars series of Transformers, sporting the same style, though improved, use of CGI drawing.

It spanned two seasons of 13 episodes each, and our BW heroes and villains (those that survived at least!) find themselves back on Cybertron, with Optimus Primal being in touch with the soul of Cybertron to bring back organic life to the planet and going on a crusade to do so as such.  Megatron on the other hand has taken control on the planet and wants to erradicate the last organic remnants there.

One of his Decepticons, tankor, is actually the spark of their old friend Rhinox.  They discover a junkyard where the transformer shells are lying, including some of their friends from the wars, and with no memory on how they got back to Cybertron from Earth can`t put the finger to it how they all became who they are now, but Optimus is taken aback when Rhinox actually tells him he chose to become a Decepticon.

The second season mostly deals about the Maximals hunting for the sparks of other fallen transformers, in an effort to thwart Megatron of building up more of his forces.  This includes the return of their old friend Silverbolt who was captured in the form of Jetstorm.  But in the end, even though Optimus manages to return harmony to Cybertron and defeat Megatron, he has to pay the ultimate price.

This was a worthy follow up to the Beast Wars, but for some reason I misses some of it`s charm.  I never was to much a fan of `on Cybertron` series, as they usually had to many exit angles in technology ways to get away with everything.  And it`s a pity that the drones based on Megatron generals look just like the original, I would have made the `original model` at least vary a little from the mindless forces...

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