dinsdag 11 augustus 2015

Classic Lego Build: 7000 Ankylosaurus

Back in 2001, before they started molded dinosaurs, Lego released a line of brick build saurians.

Though they look `odd` compared to today`s gems, they have their charm and recently I managed to obtain a few of them which I`m planning on using as `statues` when i ever get round to building a Jurassic Park visitor center MOC.

The set of today, the Ankylosaurus, numbers 37 pieces, so that equals a modern day polybag Creator set for example.

The great thing of this particular set is the amount of the `rarer` green in it, as we start the bodywork with a couple of slopes for the main body.

Technic bricks are added front and back to insert the head and the tail later on.

The legs consist of 4 inverted grey slopes.

The tail is then connected to the bodywork, and gets the typical Ankylosaurus `hammer` at the end.

We add some feet to the beasties underside next.

Finally, the head and the spikes over his armoured back are added as the beastie stands completed.

All in all, they might not look like much when compared to the current day Raptor for example, but you can easily pick these up on Facebook groups nowadays for 2 to 3 euro, and you get some nice elements for it.

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