woensdag 5 augustus 2015


Two days in a row to the movie theatre, that must have been something I did all the way back from the high school exam periods.

And yesterday it was the Ant-Man, the newest Marvel blockbuster movie featuring one of the lesser known characters of the Marvel universe (but hey, Iron Man was a B-rater as well before the movie treatment).

Now, the movie is about the `second` Ant-Man, Scott Lang, a burglar that is recruited by the original Yellowjacket / Ant-Man / source of controversy Hank Pym.  Hank is in the marvelverse one of the greatest minds around, and he has invented the Pym-particle that can shrink people and stuff to small levels, creating a hero that is turning tiny but powerfull due to a suit.

When his former pupil tries to recreate the particle and create an army of `Yellowjacket` suits, Hank wants to stop him but he can`t don the suit anymore, so enter Scott, an idealist burglar.  He`s trained by Hank and his daughter Hope (daughter of him and the Wasp) to control ants and bring the fight to Darren Cross on the point he wants to sell his invention to HYDRA.

Though the movie is of the `lighter` variety like Guardians of the Galaxy last year, it doesn`t really come near that level, but it is funny none the less.  This kind of selfreflection and not taking it all to serious is what makes this a good one, just like Guardians was last year, and Paul Rudd puts in a solid perfomance.

Most memorable moments: the appearance of the Falcon (in his updated suit, looking more like the original) and the battle on the `train`, which already got me laughing out loud during the trailer.

All in all, it`s not Marvel`s top movie, but it sure isn`t down the bottom of the ladder either!

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