dinsdag 4 augustus 2015

Display updates 4th of august

It`s a bit of a short update actually, but the GF and the Smurf have restored the The Burrows set to it`s original glory, ready for me to start incorporating it to it`s display perch.

I also managed to do a little more work on my Rivendell set in between, but nothing realy spectacular.

But The Burrows first.  The general idea is to have a sort of representation from the second movie when Harry and Ron come flying in to the Weasley house, and to that end I`m going to balance harry out of the door as he was a few scenes earlier before the actual arrival.

I added a handle to the inside of the car, changed one of the `seats` from a flat tile to a normal 2x2 in order to avoid having Ron tumble out of the car when it`ll be sideways, and already installed an angling piece in the bottom to have it mounted on clear bricks later on.

I also got myself some copies of the Weasley`s from the set, so the Smurf didn`t have to give his minifigs, but boy did I spit out my coffee when ordering them.  The three Burrows Weasley`s (Arthur, Molly and Ginny) together with cheaper, more common Harry and Ron figures, blew me away for almost 65 euro excluding shipping.

This thing once completed is going to have cost me about 100 euro extra for the figures, baseplate and additional bricks.

On the other hand, my own project, and third Tolkien display, has been steadily progressing, as I layered up to the height where the Council of Elrond set will be sitting, and now I`m in the process of creating the rockworks of this build.

Once the set is incorporated, I`ll be doing another update as that will be the moment I`m going to be thinking about exactly how to do the backside mountain face, and incorporate the waterfall and walkway... with a deadline of half of november, I better start ordering a LOT of grey slopes.

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