zondag 16 augustus 2015

Classic Lego Build: 6125 Sea Sprint 9

A few months ago, a buddy of mine, Vincent, asked me if I could help sell him his old Lego, which I did for the only "profit" of having first pick in what he had to sell.

Which resulted in me buying from him for the BL price some nice space sets like the M-Tron spaceships and the Ice Planet 2002 Deep Freeze Defender.

While I did manage to get together about 500 euro for him, he was still left with quiet a lot of (mostly smaller) sets like this one, so I made him an offer involving amongst a sum of money the Lio Convoy TFCC exclusive model.  And this is the first one of the collection I`ve been building before parting them out.

From the Aquanauts range comes the Sea Sprint 9, a small submarine vessel.

The set has a pilot with a nice freckled face and reddish hairprint, and the big diving helmet.

The base of the build is a 4x6 plate to which small fences are `clasped` sidewards.

This is then bordered up with a connecting piece to make the grapling claw.

This flashy coloured claw is then attached to the front of the vessel.

Sidepots and the canopy are then attached to the bodywork.

Some details like the engine rotor and a printed logo plate on top.

And the set is completed.

Aquanauts has never been my theme personally, but if you buy a big lot, it doesn`t matter to much nor can you be to picky on what you get now don`t you.

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