maandag 3 augustus 2015

I want a Harley!

Okay, I know, I just turned 37, but that doesn`t mean that in the crazy mind that I possess, I ain`t thinking about the `a bit further` future.

And lately, I have been thinking of things once the 40 mark hits, the age your like really expected to start the third leg of your journey in life, after the puberty face and the get starting to build a life with someone phase (pun intended).

Now, usually I only plan what I want to get / achieve / complete on a short term, meaning months, half years, a year tops.  But earlier this week, I was actually talking with the GF on the what to do once they finally manage to find out and solve the issues I have with my legs, and that has kept me in a chair now for almost 8 months.  It`s a complicated medical thingy, which I basically don`t understand half off myself, but bottom line is that I have a `technical defect` in a place where it shouldn`t be at all.  Long story...

But yeah, that means life is a bit on a downburner in 2015 due to this, added together with the rather `complicated` system of belgian social security meaning this also puts me out of my schoolbenches for the moment.  Another long story, but let`s label this as typically belgian.  And we have a LOT of those `typical belgian` things in the administration here.

Never the less, we do get by, but as I said, the brain has been churning lately and I have come to some personal decisions regarding my future `me`. 

Come to face it, once I score those two last remaining Tolkien sets, my biggest Lego purchase goal is completed and since there aren`t really any `must have` lines out at the moment apart from Jurassic World, the wishlist is basically compiled of harder, or even next to impossible, sets to get at a decent price.

My in the not so far future main Lego purchase goals will be mostly plates and bricks I think for the displays I`m building of those Tolkien sets ;-)

And indulge myself further in the lifestyle intrest of the girlfriend (which I might be putting down these days as `apart from Lego` hehehe).

But `me` then.  The first goal I`ve set up for the coming years is to finally get those tattoo arms finished up, like completing my Saint Seiya sleeve and have some decent work done on the Lego arm on the other side.  Long overdue!

In the further on future, and I`m giving myself 3 years for this, I`m going to get those driver`s licenses all sorted out.  I did a boo-boo when I was waaaaaay younger and due to that have mostly been using public transportation and a pair of decent shoes to move from spot A to spot B. 

So whatever new mode of transportation I`ll be getting, `Fast` won`t be in the description (okay, unless I can get my hands on  a Mustang `69), so my eye fell on that other machine I always admired and loved: the Bedford!

I just love the looks of that machine, and I doubt speeding tickets on the highway will be anywhere in sight... unless for slow driving teeheehee.

But the real dream is the machine that is featured at the top of this opinion piece, and lend it`s name to the title: a classic Harley Davidson Panhead motorcycle.  These things are made for cruising, not `flying over the street` like those japanese toys. 

So yeah, a lot of radical thinking and ideas have indeed popped in this odd bugger`s mind, and perhaps some rather unexpected for those around, but a man does need to have dreams and goals in life now doesn`t he, and since moving to the States of the UK is out of the order with the GF...

But first, let`s see if we get those knees in working order again, get that huge pile of evergrowing bricks sorted out and find a way to liquidate all those other odd stuffs I`ve collected and hoarded over the years ;-)

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