maandag 24 augustus 2015

Hagen`s Vacations: the Mosel region, Germany

From the past friday until today, I have been away to the Mosel region in Germany with the GF and my parents.  Known for it`s castles and wines, Hagen did accompany me of course.

And I had some "personal must-do`s" for myself on the list, being a toy store in Trier, as well as the toy museum overthere.

Day 1: Fenrienresort Cochem

Our `base of operations` for the weekend was a Roompot bungalow parc that rested atop the mountain near Cochem.  The bungalow was a spacey 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom cottage, excellent for some RnR between the trips in the region.

It is a golf resort park, and the greens literally where placed in the garden.

But of course, one has to start the weekend on a full stomach.  Looks like meat is back on the menu boys!

Day 2: Trier

The first big excursion was Trier, the old city with it`s famous Porta Negri, a remnant from the time of the Romans.

It is also the home to some impressive churches and gorgeous parks.

But it is also home to

2-1 Trier Spielzeugemuseum

Or toy museum.  This was a MUST DO for myself.  Last year (when it ran a bloody Lego Star Wars display) I was 10 minutes late to be allowed in, so this time, I did it first.

The museum encompasses two floors, and houses a lot of awesome toys from the 1890s until now.

It also has a work in progress Lego display, where they are building on a Lego version of Trier.

I did learn there was a Lego event going on about 100km further away, so we didn`t go there.  I still think that is something the Lego community lacks compared to the wargame or the Magic hobbies: a centralised site that list all events all over the world.

In a bar, I came across this very special urinal decoration.  I think the Smurf had he been there would be takin` a leak for hours.

But I also went to my `target` toy shop, and found a great deal there... for excellent value.  Don`t bother looking there for those anymore, it`s cleared out now ;-)

2-2 Trittenheim

On the way back to Cochem, we came across the Trittenheim village where a small street celebration was taking place, so we made a short stop for a snack and wine.

2-3 Bernkastel Kreuss

Next stop here, as there is a restaurant that serves a mean Zwiebelnschitzel (basically pork in a crusty skin, with onions).

Day 3: Cochem

The third day was reserved for local town Cochem itself, home to the mighty Reichsburg.

But also to a classic mustard mill, of which I brought a pot along of the semisharp grain mustard.

Okay, this is YOGHURT, I`m a healthy boy!

3-1 The Reichsburg

Towering over Cochem is this almost 1000 year old castle, which over the ages of course has been renovated and `upgraded` to period needs.

It houses giants, so beware!

I guess the residents are so gigantic because of the big beers they drink in there

Day 4: Driving back home, to share these pictures with you of course!

One more short holiday to go for this year near the end of September, so until then, enjoy!

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