donderdag 27 augustus 2015

Lego Build: 70800 Getaway Glider

I`m really going to have to up my tempo in these classic and regular build reports I think, as the backlog has gone totally out of hand.  If I kept going on the rate I`m posting one boxed set a week, I`m already into march 2016, and the classic builds are going even way beyond that currently... and that is not counting all the sets I still have boxed on the shelf, like Shelob whom I got back in january this year...

For example, this week`s set.  I received it as a find from my parents when they where on a short holiday in the Netherlands back in april, build it during the Eurosongfestival in may, and now it`s it`s turn to get uploaded, the final thursday of august.

The set itself was at a decent discount back then, and it is one of the smaller sets from the original The Movie line, when our heroes are trying to get away from Bad Cop and the robo sheriff in the western world.

Opening the box, we get a small stickersheet, a horse, the insturctions and 2 bags of parts.

On the minifig level, we get our hero Emmet, as well as the Robo Sheriff and one of his western robot companions.

The first thing we build is a small but effective piece of scenery, a cactus.  Nicely done in a simple way, this is one of those things I`ll be `remembering` for some future use in moc`s to dress up the scenery.

We`re then starting the work on the glider itself.

This is a sort of `backpack` for Emmet, and like all the Movie sets, it looks like the things you bashed together back in the days one was younger.  Using parts from all over the place, the central part of the glider is a barrel piece.

A windrose is added to a pole to become the `point` of the glider.

At the other end of the glider, wizard staves are used to become the steering flaps for the little contraption.

The wings are simple in essence, but those nice dark tan wingplates are something always handy afterwards for building terrain. 

The build of the wings is following the same priciple, though they are not exact symmetric mirror builds.

I didn`t attach the stickers, as this set will be going straight into recyclage again afterwards though. 

The final part of the glider is a piece of chain for Emmet to steer the thing with.

The set completed:

And the additional parts that came with it:

Now, in general I`m not to wild with this particular set.  Unless, like I did for the picture, you attach Emmet to the cactus, there is not decent way to display the little flyer thing, since it`s tail end is to long for the minifig feet to provide ample support.  Definitly one of the weaker of an excellent and fun line to build!

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