maandag 3 augustus 2015

Inspirational Lego 29

Another monday, another gorgeous selection of Lego finds from the internet to start the week with a smile.

And this week, the selection is varied again.  There truly are a lot of talented builders out there if you ask me!

Big sailing ships are one of the most gorgeous things to display in a house.  Lego build sailing ships add an extra dimension to this, something I see when non AFOL`s come over and stand watching The Black Pearl.
But this build is something special, it`s actually a small scale build of a large ship!

Talking classics for dsiplay, after sailing ships, classic cars are another one of those `crowd pleasers` you get for your living room.  This 1957 Jaguar is just as awesome as a die cast model, but definitly a lot cooler ;-)

Totally different but no less impressive is this spacerocket launch site!

Great crossover builds are that: great and crossovers in theme.  In this build, humour and The Simpsons have been mixed in with the classic Adam West Batman scene where the dark crusader and Robin scale the wall of a building.

This CS17 Globemaster won Best Airplane at the recent BrickWorld, and rightly so.  The curvature of the hull is just fantastic, as is the whole security department guarding it.

Another cool, historical, airplane build is this WW2 classic: the P-40 Warhawk

A totally different kind of plane turned up in the currently running spaceship challenge in Andromeda`s Gates.  I love this dragonfly design for a starfighter, making it look fast and agressive in one go.

Now, I have the Helm`s Deep set, and it is on the `to build a display for` list in the future, but this moc`ced version is just damn impressive...

Estline ferry, a really lifelike build.

And we end this week with some very solid advice!

That`s my selection for this week again, be sure to drop by next monday to indulge in some more fantastic eyecandy!

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