maandag 10 augustus 2015

Inspirational Lego 30

Another week, and after an intense weekend a monday of full recuperation for me as I`m sitting here and typing this with ice packs strapped to my legs.

But then again, writing a few words about all the gorgeous eye candy I came along this week puts a smile on my face again, and there are some mighty builds again.

We start off the week with this pirate ship, which looks like a lovechild between the Black Pearl and the Imperial Flagship.  On steroids!

The second build is from the small exhibition that ran for the Waterloo celebrations here in Belgium, the detailing and custom decals are just great to add an extra layer of realism to this build.

Talking pirates, at the recent BrickWorld this motley crew turned up, having commandeered the Friends yacht as their vessel.

At that same convention, this hyper realistic build of waterlillies was shown.

And this ubercool thingie, especially for a fan like me: Thunderbirds chibies!

This Spider-Man vs Sandman build shows great details as people flee the alley where the two try to take out each other.

This Lego The Movie based build of the entrance to the Master Builders colluseum is just so sweet and happy feeling generating.

Another fantastic mosaic piece from a recent convention

A very detailed and vibrant catapult

The final build this week is this Ideas proposed set for Lord of the Rings, the ambush at Amon Hen where Boromir fell trying to save Merry and Pippin from the Uruk-hai.

And so we end this weeks tour again through the wonderfull creations of Lego fans all over the world, until next week!

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