zondag 30 augustus 2015

Final WiP Rivendell

This is going to be the final work in progress post on the Council of Elrond set display I`m building, which I hope to have finished before FACTS end of september.

Okay, so `hope` is perhaps a bit exaggerated, as the only thing I need to do is dig up some more light blue transparent `cheeseslopes` to complete the waterfall...

When we left off last time, the build had the base of the cliffside added to the display plate, so the first thing that I did was adding a `top` to the cliff, and then placed the actual set on that, as well as started work on the back mountainside and the the waterfall.

The small walkway as we can see in the movies and videogame is put at the side of the cliff, this is the place where the Lord of the Rings videogame figure is going to stand, being the Elrond from the last great war.

The waterfall will be made by using SNOT to the side of the mountain, with the use of sideways connectors.

The second level is attached the same way, going for a slight `knack` in the flow.

A black wall is placed behind Arwen, to create the illusion that there is a passageway leading to the place the Council is taking place.

Next up is the build up of the backside of the display, using a lot of greys mixed and matched (hell, no real mountain is monotone in colour either).  This is build around a `skeleton` of regular bricks in all sorts of not much used (by me) colours.

The mountainside gains height, going a decent piece above the council pergola.

The waterfall is made up with clear cheeseslopes, going `bleu-er` towards the bottom as the water crashes into the stream.

The stream itself is filled up in a way I like the most personally, and which I have used in a lot of builds.  Basically, using transclear whites for the surface, and lighter (and dark) blue transparents to give depth here and there, for this stream mostly where the water churns a bit due to rocks and such in it.

Next up,I`ve put down a tree at the waterside, using the same style, though not exactly the same build, as the one that came in the set to keep continuity.

As the ground work gets some bumps to add some more visual appeal, stems are planted all round to show a tall grass at the bottom of the mountainside.

Elrond watches over his domain

The only thing left to do now, is insert a few light transblue slopes in the waterfall near the bottom, and set up the light box to take some decent pictures, and then this one can go of the `goals` list as it is completed.  Work on that other display I wanted finished, The Burrow, has also progressed to the point it is as good as done, but I`ll show that in a post tomorrow or so...

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