woensdag 19 augustus 2015

Pokemon original series

Don`t ask me why I am rewatching this, I never was really into the whole Pokemon thing.  Sure, it has cute moments, but to say I was a die hard Gotta Catch `em All-er is an understatement.

I actually knew it from a game on my old grey GameBoy (the blue edition), when it appeared on television here on VT4.

But my back then GF really `digged` the show, going so far as me having to tape it all and then watch the episodes during the weekend, as she couldn`t get home from highschool back then on time to follow the series.

But for some reason, I found myself watching this again after 15 or so years, as I have all the five seasons of Ash`s adventures now in my possession.  Of course, it has some fine gags, and it definitly is `softer on the eyes` then later sortlike series such as Yu-Gi-Oh, but apart from that, I am really feeling to old for this.  I doubt I`ll be watching the newer spin off series soon though, unless I go into another braindead television marathon and need some light material in between to give the old braincells a rest.

But I am going to admit one thing... the episode where Pikachu is torn between leaving Ash or not still is a tearbreaker, even for a 37 year old ;-)

The story line is pretty simply and rather repetitive: Ash and Pikachu travel the world to participate in various Leagues, as to own Gym badges and allowed to participate if you have em all in the championships to prove oneself as the best trainer ever.

In doing so, he comes across various trainers, gymleaders and all kinds of new Pokemon, and steadily he processes to become the greatest trainer of all time, while completing his Pokedex system of inventarised beasts he encounters on it`s way.  All the while being hunted by the not so great fighters of Team Rocket, who want to catch Ash`s very special Pikachu.

For 5 seasons in a row... but even though not a lover of the series as a true fanboy, I can stand watching the (original) franchise series, and that yellow rodent is ofcourse a cult phenomena of the new millenium!

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