dinsdag 18 augustus 2015

The Burrows WIP update 18th of august

So last time, we left of with the base plate for the display ready, and the car modified to hold Ron and Harry.

Now, Chu and the Smurf did their part, and rebuild the The Burrows set, so I could build up the top of the plate, while all my needed minifigs had arrived in the meantime.

I finished the plating by adding the tan section where the car will be approaching to land.  In order to simulate this, I added transparent bricks to the bottom of the car, so now I can represent it ready for touchdown.

The next phase will be the hangar / shed of Arthur Weasley (I`m looking into it on building an arched doorway only) and start planting shrubbery and grass on the plate.

I`ll keep you posted!

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