donderdag 6 augustus 2015

Yesterday`s Haul: Designer and used sets

Another great heap of Lego found it`s way to my doorstep yesterday, as one can never have to many bricks.

Though I admit, some of them are for retrading, and some are for my own personal use / birck collection.

The first is a sealed set, the Designer range set Deep Sea Predators from 2004.  A great partwise set with the glow in the dark teeth, the blue greys of the shark and all, but scouring over evilBay, I saw this is actually a 120+ euro set... so I`m now in doubt what to actually do with it...

The second haul is a lot of used classic sets, mostly space but some handy other things as well.

First and foremost, it has the Spyrius Saucer Centurion, whom I can now remove from my wanted list.  The other `big` set in it is the Nebula Outpost from the Exploriens range.  All the sets bar that one are no box, with instructions, while that one has a box but his instructions on a cd.

The Dwarven Mine Defender is another cool set for my own use, as are two small Dino Island Adventurer sets that will yield me a baby T-rex and a Pteranodon as greatest assets. The other smaller sets from Mars Mission and the likes will end up in the trade box at some point, but this lot was a real bargain at less then 60 euro.

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