woensdag 19 augustus 2015

Lost all seasons

I know when this first aired on Belgian TV channel Kanaal 2, I was hooked.  It was a sort of different series, a bit mystical and gave me a warm belly feeling like good old Twin Peaks.

Crashed survivors, a polar bear on an island, strange phenomena, and a sealed tight hatch discovered as a cliffhanger...

... but unfortunatly, that was Season 1.  Lost is one of those series that has rissen to cult status, with a clear yet unclear ending, and a lot of material open for interpretation by the viewers.  It was the breakthrough work of J.J. Abrams, but it started to unravel as with all modern day great shows, the studios started to demand more involvement, with some white collar stiffs thinkey they know what makes a show better after having already awesome ratings.

And this shows in the future seasons of the series.  After the first season, I only really enjoyed the third one (though pity Michelle Rodriguez was rather short lived in the series), the rest having occasional good episodes but being, in my opinion, to far sought at times.

Sure, the idea of an island being Purgatory is fine, and the fact they probably where all killed from the first moment was intriguing as it all started falling together.  But then we started to get going from an old abandoned government project to an island in state of flux to actual time travelling... no, that wasn`t the show it was needing to be.

It was cool when it was a sort of extreme Survivor show, with a hind of mystery and even a second group of survivors (and with the Others, a third original group of inhabitants on the island), layerd over with a mystery spanning arc and a set of numbers that appear to be tied into everything, while it also turned out most of the characters knew each other before and where connected to each other in certain ways.

But where they took the show after that, well, sorry.

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