vrijdag 28 augustus 2015

Yellow Harry Potter

I blame the GF and the Smurf for this, I really do.  It`s all their fault!!!!

As I told before, I`d never watched the Harry Potter movies, nor read the books.  I didn`t feel bad that the Lego line was ending when I came out of my Dark Ages.  It`s not that I was `against` the franchise, I just never felt like getting into it.

Now I`ve been watching the movies and am reading the books... and enjoying it!

So yes, the Lego suddenly caught my attention, as while I was building the `family project the Burrows`, I started to get more and more ideas for Lego MOC`s in Harry Potter apart from that Hogsmeade I already have lingering in my mind.

I want to build a display around the Philosopher`s Stone, combining three sets in what will lead to the final battle with Quirrel / Voldemort. 

I have an idea to do something around the old Quidditch set... as in to build a full pitch with spectator benches and all.

I am hopefully going to be building something around the Duelling Class.  Not going to use the set I featured in a classic build before (it was one from the kid), but build the stage and have Lockhart and Snape dish it out with each other.

I have a very fancy plan to do something around the Knight`s Bus, again not featuring the actual set but something completely build up from nothing...

Creativity is streaming faster through my head these days as the Sorting Hat could decide to put me in Hufflepuff!

But as you might notice... it`s all based around the older sets.  For some reason, I really like the old, `yellow` lego sets of Harry Potter, which I call that because the first series featured yellow skin tone minifigs compared to the newer, flesh toned ones.  The fancy colours, the less then flashy build designs compared to the later ones... it has an appeal and an attraction to and on me.

It also helps that those loose figs are far more affordable then the (better looking) flesh tone ones...

So yes, this week I found some more sets coming into my possession, used but complete conditions (with boxes!!!).  This included a second Snape`s class (the first one is for the GF / Smurf), a first edition Hagrid`s Hut of which I only needed to order a Norbert in correct colour, and the one I really wanted for said Philosopher`s Stone build, the Final Challenge set.

Next on the `to hunt for` list before I start that build: The Forbidden Corridor and the Challenge of the Winged Keys sets.

It wasn`t intended to happen.  I blame the GF and the Smurf.

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