maandag 17 augustus 2015

Inspirational Lego 31

A fresh week and time for another selection of 10 great builds I stumbled upon while surfing the internet.

And with the new Star Wars movie around the corner, it`s needless to say that the amount of SW related builds is increasing lately.

So we start of this week with something cute, Wickett the Ewok.  It`s lively in colours and just a great, cheerfull build.

On the more `hard to build` level, is this UCS version of Luke`s speeders.

During the summertime, a lot of big events are taking place especially in the United States, and this very big and inspiring castle was one of the MOC`s present.

On the Guilds of Historica forum, a few weeks ago this awesome medieval docking kay was shown.  A lot of details and things going on for this one!

If you ever get to legoland, you will see some very big builds, like this lion.

Another great spaceship build that has shown up on one of the recent US shows.

Game of Thrones is slowly and steadily finding it`s way into the MOCcer community.  This is the speech Daenerys gives to free the Unsullied from their shackles and into their voluntary service to her.

Another great build from the exposition that ran here in Waterloo to commemorate the anniversary of the battle that meant the downfall of Napoleon.

While military has never been my theme (to many wargames in the past perhaps lol) in Lego, this is one great modern day build.  Vivid colours, stark contrast...

We end this week with this awesome mill, another piece of work that appeared in the GoH forums.

A very pretty selection once again, and hopefully something for everyone`s taste!

Next week, the episode will air either late on monday or otherwise early on tuesday, as I`ll be spending a long weekend in the Mosel region of Germany with the family.  Hunting Lego, enjoying wine... the good stuff in life ;-)

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