zondag 2 augustus 2015

Way to go Mum!

Well, I think I can say I tought my mother a good eye for Lego bricks then.  

She and dad often visit fleamarket`s in places I don`t even come near, and so she called me yesterday to tell me she had bought a bag of Lego, which she checked on them being the real deal, for 20 euro in far away Zandvliet.

So that `bag` turned out to be, as I like it, a whole pile of loose bricks, all nicely wrapped in one of those junior school bags you used to have for your gym shoes.  Sorting through the heap, it had a nice selection of all kinds of basic bricks, not to many bionicle stuff in it, a good catch.

In the `excellent` section amongst it was this large Bionicle helmet piece, something I had my eye on long time for a build in `temple` style, but always shurned the big shipping costs.

Judging by the few minifigs in the bag, there is also some Exo Force material in there, which is great, and there was some more cool stuff.

A set of `thick plates`, always handy, and two smaller grey baseplates, definitly handy.

But perhaps the coolest part was this `screamer brick` that still works perfectly.

And what did I do?

Well, I managed to exchange a Lisa from my doubles for Groundskeeper Willie, the only other figure from Simpsons 2 I wanted next to Comic Guy.  One little Lisa is now on her way to Hong Kong, thanks to Miniature Trading, I just love that website as a tool (the link is at the bottom of the blog).

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