dinsdag 21 maart 2023

Control Z season 2

 Back to back with season 1, Noshi and me watched the second season of this Mexican teen drama.

And it seems that after a fast forward of 2 months, the death of Luis isn`t over yet.
During a funeral ceremony at the Nacional School his account suddenly comes to life posting one cannot bury the past.  Soon various students involved directly or indirectly, like the (gorgeous) lesbian student Alex, are assaulted by an unknown revenger.
Sofia and Javier are out to discover the identity, and in doing so learn that Raul is housing the fugitive Gerry who was the one that killed Luis.  At the same time, Nati, who started dealing drugs to make up for her debts, finds herself in problems as her stock was lost and now she has to pay up, her partner in it, Jordi, fleeing.  All the while, her twin sister struggles with an unwanted pregnancy as she was the one Isabella's (the trans girl from season 1 that now moved to the States) boyfriend cheated with.

Sofia and her mother are removed from their house now that her father is still alive, and move in with the principal.  Her father wants to talk with her mother, but she has called the police and he is arrested as they meet.  Luis mom's house is put on fire by an unknown assailant when Sofia and Javier are there to look for clues.

While the attacks continue and it turns out Maria had been lying to Pablo, not telling him she had an abortion, Gerry starts coming to terms with himself for being gay.  But in Sofia's efforts to get information out of the still manipulative Raul, Javier and Nati find comfort with each other and start becoming an item.  He offers to help her out any way he can, but she decides to try to find a sugar daddy, her first date ending with Javier's dad.

While Sofia and Raul try to locate Gerry, they find out he went to a queer club, where he meets with a bartender he previously encountered in a gaybar.  As he makes his escape from them, he goes to Felipe, and they make love to each other as he starts coming out of the closet.  As they go back to his appartment, Raul and Sofia sleep together and he promises her to not lie anymore.  But Raul is tased by the avenger, and he steals all the money from Raul's vault.

While the news get out that Raul and Sofia harbour Gerry, the former principal Quintanilla is attacked by bees on the toilet.  Afterwards, Sofia confronts her mother she had her father locked up in jail, before getting hold of Luis's drawings whom all tell the tale of how he would take revenge on the others, understanding the pattern now that the avenger is following.  In a flashback, it is shown Luis had made a drawing for Gerry which he really liked, but under the pressure of Dario and Ernesto, as well as his homophobic father, Gerry lashes out to Luis instead, starting to bully him even though he was genuinly moved by the drawing.  He goes to Luis's mother, and tells her he will be turning himself in as he is wracked with guilt.  

Javier discover his father and Nathalia making out, though this is part of a plan gone wrong to get the money by the twin sisters, leaving her behind in anger.  Gerry and Raul are trying to trick the avenger, and are brought to the school's roof, where it turns out to be none other then Alex.  But Sofia and Javier intervene and can bring her to her senses.  Susanna shows up and wants to keep the money for herself, falling from the roof and to her death... 

So that was an unexpected avenger, though I did figure it out when she suddenly had money to support herself instead of living off from her partner in the 6th episode.  Now, one more season to go of this suprisingly fun series.

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