woensdag 29 maart 2023

Unboxing another Lunamaria Hawke DX figure

 Mandarake has been good to me the past few weeks, as this is the third scale figure of Lunamaria popping up in their second hand section that I missed in my collection.

And this time it's the Banpresto range of DX figures again, the variant of her in her undershirt.  The box was labelled as damaged but unopened, so for 400 yen, I went for it of course.

Now, this is the "derpy face" model of my waifu unfortunatly, and I grabbed her just because, well, I`m a collector and it is Lunamaria.

But definitly not one of the better models of her, and she will end up near the back of the cabinet in all honesty.

Now to await my next one to arrive!

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