vrijdag 31 maart 2023

The first quarter status

 How time flies, as the first quarter of the year has already passed by.

So let's see how we did with the set goals so far already!

Well, for the tattoo part, when you are reading this, I'm actually preparing to leave to the Arel Tattoo Convention to get a new one, so expect pictures and a show report in one of the coming days!

And try to score perhaps one or two local brews there, as the other goal of discovering 50 new beers to add to my Untappd is now standing at 15 tasted.

More art related things are next in this overview, as it's time to look at the numbers of models painted so far, beginning with the gachapon Gundams.  That is sadly, still nothing yet as I have been doing PlaMo first this quarter, but as a result I completed 2 kits so far.

I have been reading fiercely though through the stack of manga I amassed near the end of last year, beginning of this year.  So far, I finished 28 volumes of the goal of 50 for this year, while more otaku goodness and time spending resulted in finishing 15 anime, taking the list on MAL now over 500 finished series (527 to be precise at current).
This also has to do with the Alphabet binging challenge I'm doing this year, and I'm already at the letter D so far, with a rate of trying to finish 2 series a month mimimum that should be obtainable as it stands.

On the other viewing matters, namely series and movies of which I wanted to finish 20 each, it is respectively 9 and 9 as I write this down, so we are on course more or less to get to those goals as well.
Only the fitness goal, let's not talk about that...

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