zondag 26 maart 2023

The Haul Report 356: the earth shakes!

 Nope, not anime loot this week.

Instead, a true classic fell into my lap during a trade, and which will be part of a resurgent project.

Yes, I`m rebuilding and updating my Dawi Zharr, aimed to participate in a 3.500 points tournament at the end of october for the 9th Age.

And of course, this beauty shall be included in the force as a Titan Mortar, now to await my round bases to arrive as apparently in those rules, they are mounted as such.

Benefit of T9A is well known, the rules are free, they only evolve without overhaul, and it is basically the 9th edition of good old beloved Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

And I also received a small parcel from Germany, containing the needed round bases for war machines in T9A... 

Now to build and paint this machine of legend...

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