vrijdag 24 maart 2023

Control Z season 3

 The third and final season of this mexican teen drama series, and as we jump forward 15 months, they still have to cope with the accident that killed the director of the school.

And to make matters worse, the body had dissappeared, and the All Your Secrets account is back online...

Sofia and Javier are now a couple, Natalia and Maria have moved out of town due to the drug affair, Gerry is serving in a juvenile detention center... and they are on the brink of graduation now.  This led to them making a pact, that no-one would ever tell what happened.  The body had been mysteriously moved and classified suicide, so no-one knows.  Or is there, because All Your Secrets is back and vows to bring it all out.  Of course, everyone suspects Raul being back to his old habits, but he denies.

When Pablo is called a few times by a strange number, convinced it is Maria, Sofia and Javier go out to investigate, and find it is actually Natalia, telling them her sister is dead, drowned in the sea.  Claudia is found out to be having a relation with the arts teacher, but as Raul is the next victim of AYS he involuntarily causes an accident that gravely injures Pablo.

One of Javier's teammates is put into a wheelchair as they do a mix-up between him and Javier, as Natalia confesses she was send by AYS to spy on them and give their whereabouts, in exchange to finding out what drove Maria.  Gerry is taken to a LGBT+ assembly by Luis's mother, where he can come to terms with his feelings.  

Back at Sofia's house, Javier and Natalia get close again, but just as they are about to kiss he backs out, confessing to her his and his father's role in hiding Susana's body, but a drone has recorded everything.  Sofia discover that her father has another family outside theirs, leaving her heartbroken.  After confronting him, she decides that him serving his time is enough punishment for her father, and she leaves him behind in jail.  As she contacts the hacker, he forces them to each turn one of the group in for their crime.  

They learn AYS is not a hacker, but a collective that was inadvertetly founded by Bruno when he posted his grievances on a forum.  But he has lost control over them and now they keep taking it further and furtherm kidnapping Raul and forcing him to make a fake confession of him being AYS once again.  Gerry, being beaten up by his homophobic inmates, is allowed to serve his sentence from home.  But as he has no contact with his family, he is saved by Luis's mother who wants to be his guardian and guide him through those months.  

When Ernesto, who barely can handle computers, won a contest she realises he has been in the loop, and confronts him.  He confesses to Sofia that in exchange for a hefty sum, he just had to put his name under some files and tap the school computer, as the collective could get their hands on their data that way.  As the graduation ceremony approaches, Gerry seeks out the group notifying them someone is using Raul's profiles.  They go and free Sofia, who was captured by Bruno when seeking him out, and Raul from the cult. 

As they go to the school festival, Sofia gives a speech, but in doing that she also confesses to everyone what they did and how they where involved.  They are sentenced to community service.  A few months later, Sofia and Javier meet, who has made a theory it was still all raul behind it.  Sofia laughs it away, before going outside and driving off with Raul on his motorcycle...

Okay, so this wasn`t a bad series at all, but for some reason a stomach feeling still tells me that 1. Raul is behind it all but also 2. that Sofia is involved in the master plan as well.  But that will be one of those theory things that we will never know in the end...

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