maandag 30 januari 2023

Taste test: Gistgeest beers

 Brewery Gistgeest is a local brewery here in Deurne, Antwerp, and when I was chosen to make the office's end of year gift packs, I went the beer-y road.

As if they couldn't expect that...

To that end, I came into contact with Steven, the owner of Gistgeest, to put together a nice gift set to go into our presents, and with the added design of a sticker to go on the thank you sets, a selection of three of his beers was put together.

Weiss Weiss Baby (4.5%, IBU 22)

Okay, let's start with the one I`ll probably like least, as I am not a fan of white beers (there is an epic tale of to much Hoegaarden somewhere to be told about that).  But I was VERY pleasantly suprised by this hoppy white one, both fresh and citrusy in taste.

IPA Bakkes (7.5%, IBU 70)

I just had to begin with this one, the 70 IBU hugely piquet my intrest.  It turned out to be a huge punch in a good way, not overly bitter or hoppy but with a good taste.

Nonkel Hop (6.5%, IBU 50)

Sharing this one with a beerbuddy on New Year's Eve, this was very, very much to my liking!  As the name implies, this has a nice strong hoppy taste!

But there is MORE!

We also received a special Thanks set for our rather big order, and I received the set as residential beer lover and taster.

So that meant two more beers to taste, specially brewn for the end of the year.

Merci (8%, IBU 48)

Made with the famous chocolates, this especially peaked Noshi's intrest.  It wasn`t really my thing, but she liked it a lot, the sweet aftertaste in the heavy stout playing along nicely with it's bitterness.

Hoppy Ending (5.5%, 55 IBU)

A dark hop Black IPA.  Strong, hoppy and bitter, I really loved this one, the best of the class for me personally.

So there we have it, 5 beers of a microbrewery near my door (about 10 minutes by bike).  Except for the Merci stout, which wasn`t my thing but wasn`t bad per se, I discovered 4 awesome beers and I will definitly be trying out the other ones he sells, as well as stock up on some of the above!

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