vrijdag 27 januari 2023

86 Special Edition

 As I started the second season of the excellent 86, I found out there was a Special Edition that was released between the two seasons.

A special recap episode of the first season it turned out, but from the viewpoint of Lena.
As the handler of the squad, she is the first one actually concerned with the people inside the so-called unmanned fighting machines.  As she grows closer to them all the time, she starts to get to know them more and more, but also the pain as members of the squad die.
But some of them survive the hardships, and move towards the border and a hopefully free life, setting up the story for the second season.  Will "Undertaker" and the rest of the Spearhead squad survive their flight, or are they lured back to the field of battle?
It was a good refresher, though not really necessary to link both seasons together as nothing new happened in the special.

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