zondag 29 januari 2023

The Quest

 A remake of the 2014 series, this 2022 Disney+ series can best be thought of as Sword Art Online meets Expedition Robinson in my opinion.

Now, it isn`t a series per se, neither is it a game show, but a mixture of the two as the paladin`s are real life participants and as such all challenges are real, while it is all dressed up exquisetly as a fantasy series with the traditional backstory.

Eight teenargers are summoned to the Kingdom of Oona, the next target of the dark forces that overran the Kingdom of Sanctum.  Through various challenges they must restore the divine crown.  If they fail, not only this, but also their own realm will fall to the forces of Devora.

As the paladins solve various challenges, the machinations of evil keep turning.  The king's councilman is seduced by the promise of more magical abilities by Devora, while the three heirs of Sanctum argue amongst themselves who would inherit the Divine Crown.

But right before the crown is completed, the wizard turns it over to Devora, leaving the paladin's in dire need to be able to raise the One True Hero from amongst their ranks.  As the hero steps forward, he can gather the King's Stone and with the power of the Divine Crown banishes Devora and restoring piece to the kingdoms.

This was quite fun for a gaming show / fantasy series hybrid to be honest.  Though I guess it must be awesome if you where one of the teenagers actually selected to participate in this show.

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