vrijdag 8 december 2023

Lupin season 3

 Omar Sy is back with the third season of Lupin, the story of a gentleman thief Assane Diop, who plans his heists inspired by the books of the french book character Arsene Lupin.

And a year after the show-down with Pellegrini, he lives incognito in Marseille, putting aside for now his ways.

But his ex-wife Claire and his son Raoul are constantly harrassed by media, as he still is the most wanted man in France, as well as having unintentionally become a cult figure.  He contacts Claire, telling her to escape together, but she rebukes him, that the only way he could redeem himself is by turning himself in.

Not planning on doing that, he decides to steal the Black Pearl, stage his own death and use the money to flee the country with his family instead.  He plans the robbery in detail, including staging an accident where he falls of a 16 meters high roof killing him apparently, only to escape from his grave through a tunnel.  But his plan is on hold when he receives a phone call from his long lost mother Mariama, whom he had last heard as she was in prison and he was a young boy.  She asks for his help as she has been kidnapped and her captors want the pearl as ransom.

Guedira and Raoul, both in their own ways, investigate Assane's death, refusing to believe it is real.  Mariama's kidnappers order Assane to steal a painting for them.  Using a tracker, he follows his contact to whom he delivered the painting, finding out that the leader of the kidnappers is a ghost from his past that came back to haunt him.  Keller, the leader, used to be a social worker boxing trainer in his youth, where he and Bruno trained together.  But soon they where used for a robbery during the finals of the 1998 world cup which France won.   However, during the escape, they are forced to shoot a police officer and Keller is taken to prison for this as the two boys made their escape.  

Assane steals a valuable bracelet at a gala for his captors, working together with Benjamin.  However, he frames his best friend to shift the attention away from him, but Guedira doesn't buy it.  He is contacted by Assane, proving the theory he is still alive, and even decides to work with him to sell the painting, in order to frame the kidnappers of his mother.  Claire figures out Assane is still alive, and was near her disguised as Raoul's basketball coach, due to a ketchup bottle put back in her fridge.

With Keller's girlfriend arrested in the sale of the painting, he orders the assassination of Claire and Raoul, while Assane's mother manages to escape.  Claire and Raoul manage to escape a break-in by Keller, and rejoin Assane and his mother in the "Hollow Needle", Assane's studio where he makes his disguises.  They make a plan together to get Benjamin out of jail by confronting a corrupt minister, before setting up Keller for the pearl and having him arrested.  Assane makes good on his promise to Guedira, allowing him to be arrested without having told his family who are waiting at the station for him.  When Benjamin instead turns up with the fourth train ticket, they realise he turned himself in, just as Claire told him to do at the beginning...

But in his sell, he receives an enveloppe containing a picture of him as a youth holding an Arsene Lupin book, send by none other then his fellow prisoner Pellegrini...

Now it is only a wait and see if there will be a fourth season, or that this would be a fitting ending: his family and friend safe, and he doing the time for his commited crimes.  Either one would be fine with me to be honest.

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