zaterdag 9 december 2023

On the Painting Desk 259

 So, how did this busy week go?

Rather well I must say in advances, as the Magma cannon is finished!

Now, with me attending a course two evenings a week and activities with Thorin, it has been busy, but on the other hand Noshi started gaming FF14 again, meaning I can get some hours in during the evenings I was at home... and not sleeping on my feet.

As a result, good progress was made on the greatsword for the special unit as he only needs basing, while the Fomoroid has already seen some decent colours, and I also started a small side effort.

These being a bunch of mastiffs from the Mantic Abyssal Dwarf sprues, and this first batch is the needed models for when I start solo gaming in 2024 again, as I need them for scenarios in both Rangers of Shadowdeep as well as Frostgrave.

While the colours on the Greatsword are dictated by an external factor, on which more once he is finished, I also opted to paint the Fomoroid in the colours of the box, as he will become part of the Regiment of Renown for my Legion of Azgorh.  The mastiffs though, I decided to do a reddish orange to tie in with the hide scheme I do on my various Bull Centaur units.

So now with only two weeks of work and course to go for the rest of the year, I'm actually mildely optimistic I might clock these all off before the year ends.  


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