vrijdag 1 december 2023

The Devil is a Part-Timer season 2 part 2

 Our beloved MgRonald's hamburger place managing evil overlord is back, with the second course of the second season that saw him, amongst others, become a father.

Well, technically, watch part 1 to see how it all came about that he and the legendary hero Emilia suddenly found themselves with a cute daughter, Alas Ramus.

With MgRonald's back in business and upgraded, he decides to follow a barista course to be able to serve customers even better.  But the girls keep meeting together, making him and his two generals, Urushihara and Ashiya, suspicious.  One day they follow them to the bath house "on accident", learning that Emilia and Bell are actually training Chiho at her request.  She wants to be ableto mentally link with the others in case of danger, or to be able to aid them better.

Suddenly, as Maou and Emilia have a discussion due to Emilia being depressed for no longer being able to blame the devel for everything of her past, two strange people appear.  Farfarello is a demon of the Malebranche faction, who wants the devil to return as they occupied the Eastern Continent on Ente Isla, while Erone is seemingly a human kid with great mental powers.  Thanks to Sariel, who is down as the MgRonald's manager has refused him entrance in her restaurant, they break through the mental barrier erected, and Emilia overcomes them.  But Alas Ramus refuses to strike Erone, claiming him to be the same as her.

During the barista course, Chiho is taken before Farfarello by Erone, luring Maou to him and to explain the sitution in Ente Isla and why they need him there.  But Maou lays down his plans, powered by the celestial energy of Emilia and Bell to take on his true appearance, and how he wants to conquer this world without the use of violence.  Farfarello returns as such to the other world, to bring forth his orders and wishes.

In order to have Alas Ramus sleep over, Maou and Emilia have to go out shopping for a futon, actually making them look like a true family.  But Emilia decides to go to her parental home on Ente Isla for a while, to trace her mother's steps.  But as the days pass without any news from her, her friends start to worry.  As Maou goes for his moped license, a girl named Tsubasa suddenly comes over to sniff him, accompanied by a man looking as Emilia's dad. 

Apparently Emilia did call her collegue, miss Suzuki, but the others have doubts it was actually her, but then Chiho sends an SOS, causing Bell and Lucifer to fly off, forgetting that Suzuki is present and leaving Alciel with a lot of explaining to do.  Tsubasa turns out to be Alas ramus younger sister Acieth Alla, while the man is indeed Emilia's father, Nord.  But at Chiho's school, a Malebranche demon called Libicocco wants to cause some rampage.  Bell and Lucifer confront him, as Acieth Alla and Maou are on their way to help out as well.  But soldiers surround their house, Alciel realising they are actually after him for some reason.

In her hometown, Emilia and Alas Ramus soon miss the luxuries of Japan.  She is 'invited' by Olba who now has her dad, to do his bidding as a figurehead in the war against the demons.  Maou, who together with Bell go to Ente Isla to find Emilia, confesses to her he only accepted becoming the demon ruler to make the world a better place for them, but as they needed magic to sustain themselves needed to invade the human lands.  Alciel is told by Gabriel what their plans are with him and to get the war going with him as a puppet leader for the demons.

Back in Japan, miss Amane reveals to Lucifer that she and her aunt are actually half-sephiroth, the species of Alas ramus and Acieth Alla.  Back in Ente Isla, Acieth Alla can't fuse with Maou as for some reason the magic isn't returning to him.  Emilia, feeling powerless to stop the killings of the demons, struggles with her feelings towards Maou, but rejoices in the news that he has arrived and coming for her.  

Joined by their friend Albert, Bell infiltrates the castle of the Emperor, but Gabriel stops them and teleports them across the lands.  This does give them the chance to end the faux-trial against Emeralda and put the church back on order unknown to Gabriel.  As Maou and Acieth Alla charge into battle on honking scooters, they save Emilia's dad, and the two sephiroth siblings reunite.  Maou gets a fitting shard of Yesod, and now Acieth Alla can fuse with him as his magic reawakens, quickly taking down the angels and overthrowing Olba.  The lands restored for now, they all return to japan (including Nord and Acieth Alla), and enjoy a good meal together as miss Amane and the landlord lady arrive to collect Gabriel.

So this was great fun, the scooter charge was hilarious, and now I wonder if there will be a final season (3 or 4 depending which numbering you follow) for the last volumes of the manga.  Hopefully just not 9 years like it was between season 1 and season 2...

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