zaterdag 3 december 2022

Brussels Beer Project gift box

 There is a whole, no shame, story on how I obtained this box, but that is not important for this post.

What is, is that this is another taste report on a few special beers, and they are from the Brussels Beer Project, a brewery that makes quite a few special ones.

Also included in this set is a pretty cool and arty glass, but one remark though should the brewers actually read this.  It's a 25cl glass coming with three 33cl bottles of beer...

But let's get to the core of the matter, tasting the beers included in this box.

Jungle Joy - 5.9%, 20 IBU

While I`m normally not a lover of fruit beers, this one actually had a nice, lemonady aftertaste and was rather bitter instead of sour, based as it is on mango and passion fruit.

Nord Bliss - 6.5%, 30 IBU

Nice, cirtrusy and fresh IPA, a very good drinkable beer and welcome after a hard day's work.

Delta IPA - 6%, 45 IBU

The thrid one of the set, this was a rather tasty IPA for sure, also with a nice fruity touch to it.
So, those where the beers of the set, and I must say the Jungle Joy came out for me as the winner.  It had this suprising taste, and was really refreshing, definitly a winner for me.  But the BBP is not only colourful, it are actually some damn fine beers on top!
Feel free to add me as a friend on Untappd, and see which other beers are all tried and tested / tasted by yours truly!

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