dinsdag 6 december 2022

Food Wars volume 5 - Yuto Tsukuda and Shun Saeki

 So we left off with Soma about to fail the 200 servings test, so will he manage to pull through.

Because it seems his souffle eggs have collapsed, as he didn`t take into account the fact a buffet is not served right to the platter.

As he refocusses to give it another shot in the remaining 30 minutes, Erina and another girl whom is seemingly her rival grab all the customers.  But Soma suddenly starts a live cooking show, taking the attention of the attendees and smashes through to the requirements with a few seconds left.

The other girl introduces herself as Alice, the cousin of Erina and bound on becoming the top chef of the institute using scientific methods to cooking.  But the camp ends with a dinner party, and they return back to their dorm, their group still complete and the chefs already scouting out the students.  Soma and Erina both miss the bus though, so have to share a car back to the institute.

A while later, a long weekend is upon them and Soma goes back to open the family restaurant for a day.  He learns that a fried chicken concern has opened in the station, resulting in the local street market starting to dwindle.  He decides to help out together with a former high school friend, Kurase (who has a crush on him) and calls in the aid of Ikumi to better the receipe of fried chicken.

Banding together the various stores in the street market, they produce a better product, slashing the profits of the fired chicken chain store.  But in doing so, he finds out later at school, he made an enemy of the cooking consultant known as The Alchemist and also the 9th Seat on the institute's council of ten.

So this was a fun volume for sure, Noshi even caught me sniggering during the reading.  Now to get some more volumes of this series in the future!

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